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The Valencia Hotel Collection partnered with Kreative Media to enhance its engagement and online presence for their collection of 7 hotels throughout Texas and California. Our strategy focused on enhancing online visibility, attracting a broader audience, and refining the guest experience through high-quality videography and photography. Our solutions aim to improve each hotel’s market position by leveraging social media marketing and targeted content strategies to connect with potential guests and enhance the brand’s online reputation.

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Hospitality Social Media Management

For The Valencia Hotel Collection, our social media strategy is centered on engaging content and targeted campaigns. We utilize analytics to drive content creation, focusing on what resonates with the audience, optimizing post timings for maximum reach, and leveraging platform-specific features to showcase the collection’s luxury offerings and guest experiences. This targeted approach leads to an increase in engagement rates and direct bookings.

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Hospitality Videography

Our videography efforts for The Valencia Hotel Collection involves creating high-quality videos that highlight the unique properties and experiences offered by the collection. Each video is crafted to appeal to potential guests, showcasing the luxury, comfort, and exclusive services available, thereby enhancing marketing campaigns and increasing booking interest.

Hospitality Photography

Kreative Media’s professional photography captures the essence of The Valencia Hotel Collection, emphasizing the luxury accommodations and world-class amenities. These images are strategically used across the brand’s digital platforms, including social media and online advertisements, to visually entice potential guests and improve conversion rates.

Hospitality Branding

The branding initiative for The Valencia Hotel Collection involves a comprehensive analysis and strategic overhaul of the brand’s identity. We refreshed the brand’s visual and messaging elements to align with its luxury market positioning, ensuring consistency across all digital and physical guest touchpoints. This holistic branding strategy strengthened the collection’s identity, contributing to a cohesive and appealing online presence.

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