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Global Healing is revolutionizing wellness with innovative technologies and required product video and photography that showcase their innovation. Kreative Media’s full-service production studio and Krew of creative directors provided high quality product photography and videography assets utilized across social media platforms, paid media campaigns, and advertisements, ensuring a cohesive brand message across all marketing channels. Global Healing utilized Kreative Media’s health and wellness marketing services in unison with their sister brand, Cielo to create the same level of professional visuals for maximum visibility.

Health & Wellness
Product Photography

Global Healing required photography that mirrored the quality and innovation of their wellness products. Kreative Media utilized high-definition imaging and professional lighting to produce sharp, detailed photos that emphasize the products’ premium ingredients and design. The objective was clear: to visually convey the brand’s commitment to quality and effectiveness, ensuring the imagery directly contributes to Global Healing’s strong market presence.

Health & Wellness Product Videography

For Global Healing, videography was more than just showcasing products; it was about narrating the brand’s story of innovation and efficacy. Kreative Media produced concise, engaging videos that highlighted product features, application, and expert insights, transforming complex wellness concepts into accessible content. This approach aimed to educate and engage a wide audience, driving both brand awareness and product interest across various digital platforms.

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