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5 Things You Can Do To Stay On Top Of Marketing For Your Business

At Kreative Media, we want to stay on top of what’s happening in marketing and social media, and we want all of you to stay up to date, too!

1. Network

This is something that every adult since the beginning of time has told developing minds. Networking is going to be your biggest asset in any business. It’s all about who you know.

Start out by reaching out to local businesses in your area. Connecting with them and individuals you meet on LinkedIn will increase your visibility but also open you up to countless opportunities.

People recommend people they know and places they’ve been. If you foster those connections and build relationships with business owners and members of your community you increase your organic reach. They’ll tell their friends and family and the growth can be endless.

Join community pages on Facebook or similar platforms. There are tons of groups online that vary in specificity. You could find pages specific to your industry in your city, statewide, nationwide, or even worldwide.

Being more specific will be more beneficial to your business. These pages have fewer members and less frequent posting, leading to more exposure. You can specify like so:

  • Entrepreneurs
  • Business Owners
  • Women Business Owners
  • Women Business Owners in
  • Houston, TX

2. Read Industry News

Read marketing news sources, such as Marketing Brew, to keep up to date with new marketing ideas and what is working for other business owners.

Not only should you subscribe to marketing newsletters, but you should also keep up to date with news about your specific industry. Maybe you’re an esthetician, and there’s a popular product within the industry that is creating buzz on Twitter. You just so happen to stock that product in your store and use marketing strategies and tools to reach a relevant audience.

Trends come and go, staying up to date is important in order to maximize your marketing potential.

3. Stay on Social Media

Not only is it important to update and stay on top of your brand/company’s social media accounts, it’s equally important to keep up to date about current trends cycling through social media platforms.

How are you going to effectively market your product with the current social media trends? Is there a trend specific to your industry? Do you stock an in demand product?

There is a social media platform for almost every type of consumer, with some recommended for certain demographics. The more knowledge you have about these platforms and trends, the more you’ll be able to implement them into your marketing strategy.

4. Get Consumer Feedback

If you’re an eCommerce site it’s easier to get reviews and testimonials. If you’re an independent business/service provider it’s so important to get feedback from your clients, especially in the beginning when building a clientele. Requesting reviews from satisfied customers is a great way to start.

You can also streamline this approach by emailing out a review form once an order/service is complete. Providing an incentive to leave a review, such as a discount towards their next purchase, is another way to generate more feedback.

5. Know the Competition

Whatever industry you’re in, you need to be aware of competing businesses; both big and small, in your area and online.

Is your competitor the only place offering a specific product or treatment? Has your competitor already used a marketing trend you were hoping to use? Is there a different trend you could use, instead?

Important to know how they market towards their audience in your area especially. You can see how effective their strategies are which can help to see areas where you could excel or where there are gaps in the market.

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